Best Psychology-related Movies

Here's the list of movies that cover various psychological aspects that I've watched and would recommend to everybody. If you know more such films, please comment below. I'd love to check out more movies in this genre. Shutter Island A Beautiful Mind The Sixth Sense Good Will Hunting Rain Man Seven Pounds American Psycho Se7en... Continue Reading →


Am I Normal?

  This is something I wrote 2 years ago. I was going to write about what is supposed to be normal, and I felt this post is the right fit for it.   “It’s temporary. She’s too naïve. She’ll be normal when she grows up.” Only that day never came. And it never will. What... Continue Reading →

The Failure of Internet Feminism

"Internet Feminism" So apparently an army of women tend to gather on popular posts on the internet, regardless of the issue having to do with feminism or not. I'm talking about the ignorant masses on Tumblr and Facebook who talk irresponsibly without knowing what feminism, or any other school of thought, stands for. Feminism on... Continue Reading →

Best Classics I have watched

  Here's a list of the best old classic movies I have watched (in alphabetical order). I tried to include the movies I enjoyed most and would recommend to everyone. A Beautiful Mind A Few Good Men American History X American Psycho As Good As It Gets Black Swan Blood Diamond Catch Me If You... Continue Reading →

Get Out (2017): Review

For this movie, I'd say watch it with an open mind. I've seen mixed reviews about this movie. Some people loved it while others consider it to display an extreme standpoint of systematic racism. To me, its a well-made horror movie with subtle comedic moments. The perspective, although exaggerated and unrealistic, is fresh and unique.... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Free Graphic Design Softwares

People who have recently learned graphic designing and are looking to make a career out of it often struggle to find a good software. Aspiring graphic designers wish to have a software that is free and easy to use. According to me the best softwares for sure are Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, but they cost... Continue Reading →

Brad’s Status (2017): Review

According to its IMDb page, this movie is about a father who takes his son to tour colleges on the East Coast and catches up with old friends who make him feel inferior about his life choices. Starring Ben Stiller and Austin Abrams as father and son, this film is truly a breath of fresh... Continue Reading →

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